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Preparing My “Voyage”. Exciting but Tiring.

It always starts the same way. With a desire to leave my day-to-day routine behind, at least for a limited amount of time, and to discover new horizons. See new places. Taste new food. Meet new people. Listen to new stories. Relax.

Decide to Travel Wisely and Safely.

Destination is to be found at first. But it’s not only that. It is a real challenge to find a perfect combination : attractive destination, pleasant weather and reasonable prices for a transport of your choice. As there is not the same climate everywhere, you don’t want to buy a flight ticket only to realize that you are travelling in the middle of a rainy season … or the opposite, you don’t want to arrange your holidays with your employer to later find out that the prices of flight tickets can give anybody a heart attack ! Checking the security status in the country is not to be forgotten.

Itinerary : Fog before Clear Sky

Once decided, where-when-how to go, the second phase is to be initiated. Yes, the e-mail confirming my flight ticket reservation has arrived. Now, I am really going … but a lot of reservations are still to be done and a lot of partial decisions to be made. Incredible amount of information can be found on the internet (tripadvisor.com and various forums) but I still prefer to buy a travel guide (Lonely Planet, Routard, Petit Futé etc.). When using both, a good itinerary can always be determined. However, before it gets better, it’s always going to be worse. Studying the map of the country. Places to see and spots absolutely not to miss. Squeezing it all in just “few” days – it never seems to be enough … A big chaos !?

Tiring but Necessary

Everything mentioned above was still very exciting but the upcoming part is strictly from a “tiring” department for me. Finding a place to stay. Or places. A marathon of comparing prices on hotel reservation websites (booking.com, hotels.com and others), consulting travellers’ forums and reading multiple reviews. Ouf, preparations are almost over: some necessary shopping and eventual administrative issues (visa, insurance, finance) …

Even though, I can’t prepare my “voyage” till the very last detail (impossible and travelling would lose its charm), I still prefer to do my best before leaving. Then it’s so easy to enjoy entirely my holidays instead of losing the time searching my way and coping with troubles that could have been avoided.


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