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Lost in Translation: China Calling

First Impressions Of China … in Shanghai

Yes, after a long and pretty tiring flight, we finally arrived to our destination. However exhausting the day (with a 6-hour time difference) was going to be, we were determined to enjoy every minute of it.

We started at high-speed – by taking a “Maglev” train from Pudong Int’l Airport to the city center.  It took us only 8 minutes. 250 km/h. We thought, that’s it. But no, it kept on going faster. 431 km/h was the highest speed we could experience … The funny thing was that it didn’t feel like it. If there was no signalisation board to remind us of the speed, we probably would not even realise.

After managing to take a subway (nothing complicated by the way, neither buying the tickets nor hopping on and off), we noticed that China was not going to be what we had expected it to be. Not in a bad way though. Young people carry their iPads like simple newspaper, draw chinese signs on their iPhones to text with friends and drink their Starbucks coffee. They dress western-style in the same well-known brands like us (not “chinese market” style). And the cars ? Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche – not the small models with only basic equipment, of course … We need to forget all the stereotypes immediately ! At least, Shanghai* is not certainly what we expected it to be. Everything is much more : more modern, richer, higher, bigger (maybe westerner in a certain way). Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are huge disparities between cities and the countryside, coastal areas and inland … but still, it caught me by surprise.

And as real China, it is not only business quarters and rich shopping boulevards, other places are only to be discovered. We will see much much more for sure !

Thanks for reading and keep following my steps 😉

* Shanghai is a home to 90 billionaires and 370,000 millionaires.


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