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Lost in Translation: World Is Really Small

Third day in Shanghai. We already got used to the rhythm of the city, found a favorite place to take our breakfast (I cannot start a day without a good coffee) and could navigate in the center without any problems. After visiting Shanghai Museum on People’s Square, we returned to French Concession that we liked so much. And incredible thing happened : Somebody approached me on the street and greeted me. It was my very good friend (from teenage times) that I hadn’t seen since almost 15 years. Last time we saw each other, it was in our hometown … we did our university studies in different towns and unfortunately didn’t stay in touch. I live currently in France, she lives in China. And now we met on the other side of the globe. It is a small world, isn’t it ? We took a drink together and tried to cover the basics. Profession, marital status and so on. And then to go even a bit further … But how you are supposed to catch up with lost years. There were so many things to talk about after so much time. Anyway she promised to show us around Beijing as she lives there. Next meeting in 2 weeks …


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