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Lost in Translation: 2000 km to the West from Shanghai

I looove travelling like this. You leave one place, with its stories and your exciting adventures, and there is already a new one waiting for you. Of course, I can enjoy lying on the beach, enjoying the sun and sound of the sea … but not for too long. I am one of those people who will try to go to a different place everyday and discover as much as possible 😉

Few hours in the plane and we are in Chengdu. The capital of Sichuan province and one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in Western China.

Arriving at the airport, we took a taxi. We do not expect to do that very often … but it was already a bit late and we didn’t want to lose too much time unnecessarily. The driver was a very nice young man. He didn’t speak English very well but well enough to explain us that he was not actually from Chengdu but had been living here for few years as it was his wife ‘s hometown. It’s kind of reassuring – you do not want your taxi driver to get lost while looking for your hotel (yes, it can happen).

The hotel. We were slightly worried that we wouldn’t be able to find it. We reserved it before our departure using a Chinese booking website and people were mentioning in the comments that it hadn’t been easy to locate the hotel. But we were lucky with our (already mentioned) taxi driver, he knew it and drop us off just in front of the entrance. Well, not a traditional one. It was a modern tower office-looking building (probably around 30 stories, maybe more). Our hotel was situated on the 24th floor. As we realised later, it is actually an apartment building for upper-middle class (except our floor, transformed into a hotel). At least that’s what we think according to the look of people that we kept on meeting in the elevator. There was a young man at the reception. He seemed very nice, there was just one tiny problem. He didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Chinese. Thanks God for ‘google translate’. Oh no, thanks Google! The receptionist wrote his sentence in Chinese and hit the translate button. Then we wrote our sentence and so on. The conversation stayed simple and pretty short. But we got our room key, he told us which way to go to the city center … The room was nice and clean. We just left our backpacks and headed to look for a place to eat.

After a few minutes’ walk, we were on a crossroad with a small shopping centre. We agreed that there is no restaurant that caught our eyes, therefore we decided to keep on searching. Always follow the locals (ok, maybe not always and everywhere but this time we somehow did). They were headed through a calmer street somewhere. “Somewhere” turned out to be shopping streets of Chengdu with billboards flashing everywhere. We found there a place to eat. I took a spicy dish. Sichuan is a region known for its “hot” cuisine after all. It didn’t scare me. Not even after seeing my plate … Check it out ! (You wonder how many peppers there is. I did, too.)

As we had to get up early the following day, we returned to the hotel without lingering. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow … Good night fellow travellers 😉


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