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Lost in Translation: Time to Leave Shanghai

We stayed in Shanghai for few days and we had an opportunity to explore the city a bit further. Enough to discover its main attractions and breath in its atmosphere. Not enough to perceive its soul. But that can take up to several years for a city like this … a mythical metropolis “upon-the-sea”, once known as Paris of the East, Chicago of China and a pearl of Asia. A city with growing international attention since centuries (British, American, French, Japanese occupation) thanks to its economic and trade potential. A city that has known ups and downs throughout its developement but did not give up, on the contrary it continues to set itself new goals and continues to surprise the world.

It is always the same the last day : I am sad that I am leaving. I have to give back the key of the hotel room, take last breakfast, put my big green back-pack on the shoulders and go. But at the same time, I am exited because I know that there is a new destination on the horizon.

As our flight was only in the afternoon, we still had some time to spare. So we went to discover Jade Buddha Temple. It was originally a monastery that survived a Cultural Revolution thanks to cleverness of its bonze (he put pictures of Mao everywhere ;). There are two statues of Buddha made with jade stone inside and 3 golden impressive statutes that caught my eye equally.


Again super fast train to the airport and departure for Chengdu. The largest carved stone Buddha in the world and Giant Pandas are waiting for us.

Shanghai was great. Surprising. Architecturally impressive. Very cosmopolitan. Simply worth visiting !

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