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Island Escapade: When We Almost Missed a Wedding

After a night spent in a tent under a heavy rain (well, it seemed like a good idea back home and our holiday rental was starting only the following day), there it was – the wedding day. Not mine. But I was still pretty excited to attend such an event on this beautiful island.

We arrived to Ajaccio by a ferry the previous evening and not being in a hurry to reach our destination, we stopped somewhere in the middle. So first thing in the morning, we went to buy our ‘croissants’ and ‘pains au chocolat’, got in our car and continued to Cargèse. The village where we rented a house with a view on the sea (we later found out, a beautiful beach was within 10 minutes’ walk).

As we were a bit tired and there was a long night in front of us, we took a short nap. Well, not so short (in our defence, we really didn’t get much sleep the previous night) and therefore our  preparation had to be very fast. Destination Piana. Following the winding roads as fast as possible. I asked my driver-my fiancé to slow down few times. I didn’t feel that well. I thought I would throw up. But nobody would wait for us as it was NOT our wedding.

We finally arrived at the town-hall. At the same time as a bride … (at least we didn’t miss it)

After the civil ceremony, we were asked to transfer to the restaurant where the rest of the evening was going to take place. On the beach. Few kilometres away. Cars formed a long queue (while honking now and then, to let locals know that newly weds are passing by) and took the road curving through a beautiful scenery. The sea in front of us. Red astonishing cliffs on one side. Incredible green meadows on the other. All this with a light gradually fading as the moment of the unavoidable sunset was approaching. Those colours stay engraved in my memory (difficult to be captured in a photo).

Wedding in Corsica - flowers

Arrived at the beach, there was another ceremony. More intimate. Very romantic. With our bare feet in the sand. And the sunset … sun being the witness of this love, before going to sleep for few hours and leaving the place for the moon. Our companion for the night.

The food was great. The atmosphere impeccable. What else is there to be added …

Just huge “Thank you!” to our friends D&J for sharing THEIR DAY with us.

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