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Island Escapade: When We Almost Got Lost

It was the 3rd day of our stay in Corsica. We easily got used to relaxing on a terrace with a beautiful view. We enjoyed discovering streets of a charming village of Cargèse. We really liked doing nothing and just lying at the wonderful beach of Peru. Everything was great! However, we wanted to see more… and therefore we were looking for a short walk after which we could take a swim.

Cargèse 3   Cargèse   Cargèse 2   Cargèse 4

After a quick search on the internet, it was decided. We were going to do “Sentier des Crêtes” in the hills of Ajaccio, around genovese tower of “la Parata” and with a view on “Sanguinaires” archipelago. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Water, check. Baguette, check. Camera, check. Money, check. Suncream, check. Sunglasses, check. Swimsuits, check. Ready to go.

It took only about one hour to get to Ajaccio. But it was one of the longest ones in my life. I am often car-sick and the roads are not really straight in Corsica. We had to stop twice – which was about enough for me to breath and overcome very unpleasant feeling of you know what.

The walk started not very far from the city-center, in the “Bois des Anglais” where we left our car and started our small adventure. After few minutes, we could already enjoy breath-taking view on the gulf as maquis took possession of the place to our biggest pleasure. Sun was shining or rather burning our skin but it didn’t matter. Slight wind was blowing now and then. Fresh air had a particular perfume. A mix of a seaside and maquis. Difficult to describe but also very difficult to forget. We savoured every step.

Sentier des Crêtes 2   Sentier des Crêtes

After 2 hours of walking, we started to have some doubts. The walk was supposed to take 3-4 hours but we were far from being in the middle of our path. And I thought it was a circuit itinerary. We asked some people passing by. Yes, it was a circuit. But as it turned out, it was 6-7 hours. It looked like the information found quickly on the internet was not very precise. No panic! There were 2 possibilities. Either we go back the same way we came or we continue and hope there is some other way to get to the city-center.

Somebody would maybe decide to go back. I decided to take a risk (calculated one). We were going to continue. I said to myself that it would be strange if there is no bus to bring people from the beach. And if there is none, there would be a lot of people returning home so we should be able to ask somebody nice to give us a ride. And if there is nobody to give us a ride, we will simply follow the road. I speak fluently French so what could be a problem. I just reminded myself that just little over a week, I was in China. I couldn’t speak the language, I didn’t understand anything that was written. It somehow put things into perspective…

Everything ended well. There was a bus. One per hour what left us enough time to go to the beach and take a dip. A well deserved swim after hours of walking and “frying” on the sun. It turned out to be a GREAT day but I learnt few things:

– Be well-informed: It’s better to have information from multiple sources or from one very reliable one.

– Take calculated risks: It’s necessary to have a plan B, C and even D.

– Tell somebody where you go: It was not at all dramatic in our case but remember what happened in “127 hours“.

– Have always some money: It’s advised to have some money with you even when you think you won’t need any (I am just going for a short walk…).

– Take enough or more of water, food, clothes, suncream…: Even a short walk can become a long one.

And if you plan to go to Corsica and more precisely to Ajaccio region, you can find all useful information here: http://www.ajaccio-tourisme.com

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