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Sunday Afternoon in Vienne

It’s been already a while since we moved to Lyon and it looks like we are about to move again. Therefore we decided to profit from the time left to discover places that we didn’t visit so far. And Vienne is only 40-minutes drive away … It is one of the most ancient towns of the region and has a rich archeological heritage dating from  the period of Roman Empire.

We spent a bit more than an hour wandering around the city center. It was not too big and quite calm on a Sunday afternoon. Not too many people in the streets. One of the reasons was probably high temperature. First we entered the Primatial Cathedral of St Maurice appreciating not only its beauty but also the coolness of the site as it was very hot outside. Then we enjoyed our late lunch in the Roman Theatre and finished our short walk next to the Imperial Temple. After that we sat at the terrace of a cafe, where the whole town seemed to be, for some cold drinks.

We might be back for the International Jazz Festival in one month …

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