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Mustard, Wine and Some Art

If you are trying to guess what the title is about and the word “Burgundy” crossed your mind, you were right ! Yes, one whole day in this beautiful region …

As there are many places and things to see, we thought that it would be a good idea to start in Dijon. So our first steps led us there. To a town that I knew already as a child thanks to its mustard. I had probably no idea where it was situated but I was well aware of “Dijon mustard“. I discovered a charming mid-size town with its numerous pedestrian streets, few tourist attraction while following an “owl” sign that deserve to be seen and some nice boutiques with regional products now and then. It seems like a pleasant town to live, to study and a perfect stop before heading to the vineyards …


D122 – Route des Grands Crus or Côte d’Or was exactly as I imagined it. Vineyards on both sides of a calm road, picturesque villages and a never-ending choice of  invitations for wine tasting. Not to forget castles and fortresses surprising you in the middle of that endless vineyard panorama. You don’t get tired of the view. We stopped every few meters to take pictures and every few kilometres to visit or accept unrefusable invitation to enjoy what this region has to offer – the drink of Gods. And the word Art ? 2 impressive statues made by Salvador Dali and a gallery at the Château de Pommard.


I have to say that I was not an expert and before this trip I had known only few types of wine : red, white, I like and I don’t like. I am still not an expert but after listening to explanations of people that are passionate about their profession,  I definitely know much more and had an opportunity to taste some really fine wines. I don’t choose a wine bottle and taste a glass in a same way like before anymore.


No regrets … or wait, there is one. It is a shame that we had only a day but we definitely tried to make the most out of it 😉

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