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Travel Itinerary: Discover China in 18 days

There is one thing you need to know about us when we travel : We always try to squeeze the maximum out of our stay … And in case you wonder, yes, sometimes it can be pretty tiring but there have been no regrets so far ! This is an example of our latest adventure :

Day 1: Shanghai – Arrival in the afternoon. Visit of the “French Concession”.

Day 2 & 3: Shanghai – Yuyuan Garden, Old Chinese Town, God’s Temple, People’s Square, Shanghai Museum, Pudong, The Bund.

Day 4: Shanghai – Jade Buddha Temple. Departure for Chengdu in the afternoon (by plane). Arrival to Chengdu in the evening.

Day 5: Chengdu – Departure for Leshan in the morning (by bus). Visit of Great Buddha Scenic Area. Return to Chengdu (by bus).

Day 6: Chengdu – Visit of Giant Panda Breeding Center and Research Base. Departure for Xi’An and arrival in the evening (by plane).

Day 7: Xi’An – Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Shaanxi History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Day 8: Xi’An – Departure for Huashan early in the morning (by bullet train). Visit (or rather hiking) of one of China’s Five Great Mountains of religious significance. Return to Xi’An in the evening (by bullet train).

Day 9: Xi’An – Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Moslem Quarter, Great Mosque, biking on a city wall just before the sunset (memorable moment). Departure for Pingyao in the evening (by night train).

Day 10 & 11: Pingyao – Arrival early in the morning. Visit of the town numerous attractions (Rishengchang, County Government House, Temple of City God, …) and an opportunity to relax in a small town by just wandering in the picturesque streets inside the city wall (with no cars). Departure for Datong in the evening (by night train).

Day 12: Datong – Arrival in the morning. Visit of Yungang Caves during the day (by bus or by taxi) and a short visit of Datong (can be skipped, even recommended). Departure for Beijing in the evening (by night train).

Day 13 & 14: Beijing – Arrival in the morning. Temple of Heaven, Wangfujing Street, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park.

Day 15: Beijing – Departure in the morning to visit Great Wall (Mutianyu section). Return to Beijing in the afternoon.

Day 16 & 17: Beijing – Summer Palace, Olympic Green, Panjiayuan Market (recommended only on Sunday), Lama Temple, Temple of Confucius.

Day 18: Beijing – Some last shopping. Departure in the afternoon.

Map of Our Chinese Adventure

I will be happy to provide more details to those that will be interested in discovering China the way we did 😉

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*** I am not the owner of a picture of the Chinese flag above. ***


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