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Sweet Memories: Viennese Christmas Market

Oh, I am so going to miss it this year.

It’s been one of my favourite things to do in December since many years.

Admiring all the decorations. Colourful lights flashing. Carols playing. People smiling. Children amazed by everything and parents becoming children again. All those wonderful scents in the air. I still recall my last visit …

Another vivid memory ? Punch. Yes, this “slightly” alcoholic hot drink (red wine + flaming rum) containing various fruits. Strawberries. Raspberries. This delicious aroma is going to haunt me now. We used to wander between wooden stands holding to our special mug that was keeping us warm in the freezing weather (well, it was not only the mug that kept us warm, its content had also something to do with it). I still have few of those magic mugs at home 😉

Viennese X-mas Market - mug

I can promise you that even if you are not an ultimate Xmas fan, you will definitely become one after spending only one afternoon/evening at the Viennese market. And think of me when enjoying your “punsch” …

When in Vienna at this time of the year do not miss it (as it was even possible)! This year’s event started only 2 days ago and it will last until Dec. 24.

You can find all necessary information here : http://www.christkindlmarkt.at/News-Events.3.0.html?&L=1

Disclaimer : Posted pictures are originated from the website above. Thanks for your understanding.


2 comments on “Sweet Memories: Viennese Christmas Market

  1. Laura C.
    December 18, 2012

    Nice read. Your post gave me a xmasy mood 😉

    • Veronika
      December 18, 2012

      Hi Laura, thanks for reading and merry xmas to you!

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