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Wednesday Inspiration: Countries to Visit in 2013

Yay, there are definitely few interesting countries that made it to the Top 10 of Lonely Planet. I am particularly happy about (and proud of) no. 5. Slovakia. I have obvious reasons for that 😉

Makeover for cultured corner of Europe (Lonely Planet)

Best in Travel 2013 – Top 10 countries

It reminds me that I have to start checking the prices of flight tickets to several destinations and if an opportunity presents itself, start planning next years’ big holidays (or few shorter ones). I will definitely consider Sri Lanka, South Korea, Iceland and Turkey. Anyway, they have already been part of my list since a while. But there are others. My list is long …

What about you ? Which of these countries are you planning to visit next year ? Or is there any other country that should be part of this selection ? I am waiting for your comments.


And for those that are actually interested in visiting Slovakia, do not hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to give you some tips and advice from the insider’s point of view.


5 comments on “Wednesday Inspiration: Countries to Visit in 2013

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  2. suzannedendy
    March 7, 2013

    I certainly agree that #5 has a well-deserved spot on the list 🙂 I am eager to visit Iceland, because I love traveling to places with spectacular scenery, perhaps more than I enjoy visiting cities.
    Do you have any recommendations for outdoor trips in Slovakia?

    • Veronika
      March 8, 2013

      Suzanne, Iceland seems like a great idea! Those amazing sceneries are legendary …

      There is a lot of outdoor activities that Slovakia has to offer:
      – If you are interested in hiking, you can find your happiness. High Tatras and Slovak Paradise are probably mentioned in every travel guide and worth the visit. However, I can recommend you some hiking trails in Roháče (Western Tatras): for example one (Roháčske plesá; 4,5 hours) takes you first to the waterfall and then around several tarns, not to forget a breathtaking view on the mountain peaks around.
      – You can also visit some of amazing castles: Oravský hrad on the top of the cliff, Spišský Hrad makes you think of knights in their shining armour and in Bojnice, you will feel like a part of a fairy-tale. And there are more (Devin, Červený Kameň, Trenčín …)
      – In the east of the country, you can admire charming wooden churches and whole wooden villages are a part of the Slovak patrimony in the central region.
      – If you are interested in cycling and plan to do it around Bratislava (or elsewhere), a great choice of itineraries are available. Some of them might take you into the vineyards to enjoy a nice glass of wine …
      – Then there are still visits of few caves (like Demänovske jaskyne, Dobšinská jaskyňa, Domica) and skiing in winter (almost everywhere).

      I hope this will help and in case you would like some more precisions, do not hesitate to ask.

      Good luck on your next travels.

  3. tatianasmorodina
    March 7, 2013

    great list and thanks for inspiration, Veronika!
    Among my plans for this year – definitely Prague, some more cities of Italy apart from Rome and perhaps Spain… and more Germany where I live now.
    well, the whole wish list is also quite long – and Turkey is there but am not sure, this year or later… I am looking forward for your impressions about and then i decide 😉

    • Veronika
      March 8, 2013

      Tatiana, I can see that you have great plans for this year. Prague has definitely a special charm. And Italy? I have been there many times and loved it every time … each city and region has something else to offer.

      I decided to change the continent this year (I went to China last year and to Vietnam the year before). So I will be doing the road trip in Western USA in May and then in August, I would like to go to explore Turkey. I will definitely share some of my impressions then 😉

      Best wishes on your travel adventures.

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