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Destination Slovakia: Simply Visiting or …

Are you planning to visit Slovakia? You have already bought a guide book and you are looking for something else than just visiting featured sites. Well, my regular series “Destination Slovakia” is going to give you some ideas for your upcoming trip. And if your trip hasn’t been planned yet, you might like to do so after reading 😉

I guess that most tourists visit the country’s capital as a 1-day trip and suppose that they have seen Slovakia. Unfortunately, they are mistaken. The country has many faces and apart from Bratislava, there are many other places worth seeing. Breath-taking mountains. Fairytale castles. Amazing caves. And rich folklore.

Slovakia is a ‘young country with a long and interesting history’ and is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. If it was a person, it would not even be a grown-up (in some countries). And as it is true for people in their twenties, it is dynamic with perpetual changes in order to seek an improvement but it also has a lot of things to learn before it reaches the wisdom and experience of older countries. And it is fascinating to see Slovakia grow-up, learn and become wiser!

First post from “Destination Slovakia” series coming up next …


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Slovak Tourist Board

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