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Before Leaving, It’s Better to … Make a Copy of Your Travel Documents

It’s obvious … yes, it is for some of us but there are less experienced travellers that might forget this “little” detail before leaving for their adventure.

What documents do I have in mind ?

No.1 Passport

Always make a copy of your passport (or your ID if you are travelling within the EU/USA/etc.)! I remember my road trip across the east coast of the USA with 3 of my friends few years back. It was great until one of them lost his passport in NYC. 2 days before our departure home. Without making you to read boring details, everything ended well but it would be easier to arrange everything if my friend had a copy of his passport. Remember to make also a copy of a page with your visa!

No. 2 Travel Insurance

I wish that you may never need it but in case … have the necessary papers with you. Health insurance card or the contract. And have an assistance number in your purse or other quickly accessible (and easy to remember) place. And for those who wonder: yes, subscribe to insurance when travelling! My aunt didn’t. It was a last-minute departure to a festival in Germany. It was only supposed to be a quick way there, spend the night and the day after she would be back … She was in a car accident on the way back. The helicopter evacuated her to the closest hospital. She had a surgery and spent few days in a hospital. Do not worry, she is well now. However, even years after this horrific experience, she is still paying her medical bills. So please think of taking a travel insurance (you can do so online, too) or check if you are not already covered by your credit card.

No. 3 Plane/train/bus Ticket

I do not have any story to tell. However, I always make a copy of my tickets. I guess you never know when you might lose the original, face the technical problems when checking-in or simply forget your travel itinerary.

What else can be useful to duplicate ?

Hotel Reservations

Payment Confirmations

Car rental reservations

Tours Bookings

And one more tip for you: Save all these documents either on your e-mail account or on your cloud storage. You will be able to access them almost everywhere in the world and it gives you more liberty in case you do not wish to carry the paper copies with you – or if you are able to lose those too ;).

Did I forget to mention something? Do you have some other tips to help others to worry-less travelling? Or is there a story that you would like to share that taught you something useful?

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